10 Celebrities with Vegan Diets

Nowadays, it seems to have become increasingly common for celebrities to treat veganism as a fad for weight loss purposes or press exposure. From Beyonce’s 22-Day Vegan Diet plan to the kind of flexi-veganism practised by Natalie Portman, the real cause for going vegan often seem forgotten in light of more superficial reasoning.

There are, however, some famous figure who really do live and breathe the vegan way of life. These celebs eat a rich, hearty and animal-free diet – and they swear by the health benefits it offers. They openly advocate for better animal welfare and highlight atrocities of the meat industry. For these icons, veganism is not just another Hollywood phase – it’s a lifestyle – and a delicious one too!

Bill Clinton

The former president has been suffering from heart complications for many years. Following a heart attack which resulted in emergency surgery in 2010, his doctor urged him to change his diet for a healthier cardiovascular system. His nutritionist put him on a vegan diet, though the steak-loving politician was hesitant in committing himself to the change.

But Clinton soon lost 30lbs and found that his health started to drastically improve. Combining his diet with light exercise every day, the former president says he feels the healthiest he has in years. For breakfast, he typically consumes a berry and almond milk smoothie with a spoon of protein powder. Lunch consists of leafy greens and legumes, while dinner might involve a veggie burger.

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star is famous for more than just her good looks and scandalous shenanigans. Pamela Anderson is a passionate vegan and PETA spokesperson with plans of opening a vegan restaurant in the south of France. The star had taken part in a number of campaigns to highlight cruelty to animals, and regularly blogs on her personal website about the benefits of becoming vegan.

When asked what foods she typically enjoys eating, Anderson revealed; “I devour avocados, espresso with nondairy creamer and agave. I make homemade peanut butter. I make gluten-free pizzas with nuts and spinach. I make vegan bolognese.

Daniel Negreanu

In a profession typically associated with fast food and beer rather than clean eating, professional poker player Daniel Negreanu stands out with his veganism. Some other players are taking note, however. Not surprising – considering Negreanu is the highest earning poker player of all time and widely known in poker as ‘the master of mind tricks’. Negreanu made the transition back in 2006 when he realized that he was becoming fatigued and getting headaches more often. Noticing how this affected his game play, the poker champ started seeing how cutting out animal products might help. Within just a few weeks, Negreanu started to feel more alert, concentrated and healthy.

Currently he is working on a documentary alongside other prominent vegans including world class athletes. He employs a nutritionist to help plan wholesome vegan meals for his travels. While snacking, he typically enjoys protein energy bars, nuts, and coconut water. Negreanu regularly takes to Twitter to question people’s food choices and stir debate on veganism.

Weird Al

The parody musician is known for his silly humour, but he is serious about one thing – vegan eating. A former girlfriend enlightened him as to the reality of the meat industry which opened his eyes to the fact that he wasn’t comfortable eating meat. Weird Al likes talking about his vegan diet, but always emphasises that veganism is a purely personal choice.

Woody Harrelson

The critically acclaimed actor known for his versatile roles may seem like the kind of guy to frequently enjoy a steak or burger, but Harrelson’s buff physique is vegetable-based. The star suffered from eczema and respiratory congestion for a long time before a stranger, who recognised the symptoms, suggested he might be lactose intolerant. Harrelson was dubious, but started cutting out dairy products from his diet. Within three days, his congestion and eczema had cleared up.

This got the star curious as to what else he could omit from his diet to improve his health.  After also cutting out meat, eggs and cheese, he realized that veganism was the perfect diet for him. Nowadays, Harrelson preaches compassion to animals as an equally important reason for making the switch. His favourite vegan treat? Chia seed and goji berry brownies, of course!

Ellen DeGeneres

Everybody loves Ellen – and Ellen loves animals. The TV personality revealed she became vegan she was no longer able to disassociate from what she was eating. She describes herself as healthier and happier from having made the transition, and even has a portion of her website dedicated to vegan recipes. In 2010, Ellen DeGeneres gifted Lady Gaga with a vegetable outfit – a more animal-friendly alternative to the pop star’s famous meat dress.

Olivia Wilde

The gorgeous actress is known for her glowing demeanour and youthful looks – perhaps from her vegan diet! Wilde admits, however, that going vegan is not equally practical or financially possible for everyone. “Being is not always easy and accessible, but it’s a way of life and makes me as a person feel really good and physically look better,” she said.

Peter Dinklage

Every time you watch Tyrion Lannister devour meat on Game of Thrones, what you’re actually seeing is Peter Dinklage enjoy a tofu-based meat lookalike. The star has been a vegetarian since his teenage years but took the next step in becoming vegan when he moved from home and started cooking for himself. A big animal lover, Dinklage also urges people to adopt shelter dogs. He supports several animal welfare charities and narrated the ‘Face Your Food’ film. Dinklage says his favourite meal is some form of ‘chopped salad’.

Carl Lewis

You think vegans are weak and lack energy? Olympic Gold winner Carl Lewis will race you over that. He claims he has become an even better athlete after committing to a vegan diet – even crediting his incredible 1991 performance to veganism. The sprinter stands firm in his belief that removing animal products from one’s diets is one of the healthiest choices a person can make.

Tobey Maguire

The Spiderman star is known to be strict with his exercise and diet routine – which includes vegan eating. He is also known to be a coffee enthusiast and generally has his morning brew with almond milk.

It’s always inspiring to see celebrities take a stance on matters as important as veganism. We’re not all rich and famous, so may not all have it quite so easy in taking on a vegan diet – but the enthusiastic endorsements of famous figures certainly makes cutting out even just a portion of animal products from our diet an attractive prospect.