10 Wonderfully Weird Foods from Around the World

Travelling should be about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Often this can be a bit scary but the result is usually an exhilarating sense of accomplishment. One thing that should never be scary is eating. You bite, chew, and swallow the same on vacation as you do at home. It is what you choose to eat where the real adventure begins. Some of these dishes may look strange or horrifying but if you want to make friends with the locals try a bite of these ten strange items the next time you travel.


  1. Stink Bugs In Africa: Stink Bugs are a high source of protein, and they also contain amino acids, and anti inflammatory chemicals. Villagers in Malawi, and the regions of southern Africa consume them. Ask your tour guide about them when you’re on your African safari holiday, you never know, he might have some in his lunchbox he’s willing to share!
  1. Haggis in Scotland: This is a Scottish specialty and it is a sheep’s stomach stuffed with sheep’s livers, heart, lungs, oatmeal, suet and seasoning. Be sure to try some local brew with this delicacy. 
  1. Fried Spider in Cambodia: There are many kinds of fried spiders that you can sample in Cambodia. Served on a stick or a plate they apparently taste a bit like shrimp.
  1. Grasshoppers In Mexico: This is the most popular edible insect in Mexico! Traditionally this is a local snack that is fried in chili powder and then sprinkled with lime juice. It is quite crunchy and make sure you bring dental floss, as you may get some legs stuck between your teeth.
  1. Century Eggs In China: These are eggs that have been preserved for a few months and the yolks turn a dark green and the whites turn a shade of brown. They are usually quite salty for those who dare to try them. China is a land filled with many unique delicacies. 
  1. Casa Marzu In Italy: Travel to Sardinia in Italy to try this sheep’s milk cheese that has live maggots wriggling around in it. The cheese is left in the sun to encourage cheese flies to lay their eggs in it. Many consider it a delicacy and it is one that you don’t want to miss. 
  1. Kumis In Mongolia: This is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented horse’s milk. Have a drink of this beverage that dates back to the days of the famous warrior Genghis Khan when he was expanding his empire 
  1. Balut In The Philippines: This fully formed boiled duck embryo inside of an egg is considered a delicacy.
  1. Frogs Legs in France: Cuisses de Grenouille as they are known in French and are a popular dish throughout France and about 4000 tonnes are consumed annually. For the perfect cultural experience, you should book a boutique hotel in Paris, before making reservations at a bistro and indulging in this delicacy. You can try them deep fried like chicken, or boiled and then fried in a simple sauce of lemon juice, fresh herbs and garlic and served with salad.
  1. Sannaki In Korea: This is living octopus chopped into pieces, seasoned with sesame seeds and oil and it wriggles across the plate as you eat it. Be careful because the suction cups can stick to your throat and choking can occur.