3 Healthy Nuts for the Healthnut

During the day and in between meals, we tend to experience a drop in energy levels and are tempted to consume more. This usually happens mid-day and after a heavy lunch. Combating the urge to snack will most likely leave you off with a short-term win, with you caving in as your body’s nutrition demand takes over.

This craving comes naturally and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Most people would try to get just about anything to eat to push through until the next meal – which usually results in junk, sugary foods being consumed instead. A lot of people gain weight and may even become more plump or chubby because of these food crave satisfaction attempts. The solution here is to feed these cravings, but with nutritious snack foods that will help you make up on the nutrition deficits that had caused you to crave.

This is why preparation is key – you can assemble your healthy snacks before going to the gym. Or you can have these as snacks you can eat at any time of the day – with the afternoon being a really solid candidate for snack consumption (after lunch munchies anyone?).

Here are a few snack ideas, all nut-based, to get you started off:


Cacao is the best nut ever and is probably the best source of anti-oxidants in the world. It also contains all sorts of nutrients like manganese, chromium, magnesium and iron. Most important of all, it has anandamide which is an energy and mood enhancer. You can either chew on 55 to 115 grams of the raw nut or in its best form – a good old bar of chocolate!

If you’re going for chocolate (the obvious choice) – other than avoiding OD’ing on it, you should always go for chocolate that’s up to 70% rich in cocoa as a general rule of thumb, that will help you keep it healthy.

Trail Mix

This an interesting blend of almonds, peanuts, cranberries and chocolate chips. It’s a wonderful blend of protein and fat that includes a daily dose of vitamin C and E. For variety try to alternate the ingredients and switch them around a bit by interchanging raisins for cranberries and mixing up the nuts using walnuts or cashews instead. Store trail mixes in a container and just munch away whenever you want to. They are high in vegetable protein, as well as vitamins and minerals. These are also dry ingredients and they give a feeling of being full even with a few bites.

Fruit and Peanut Butter or Nuts Combo

 This a good solid combination of food groups. The fruit provides an energy boost because of its natural fructose and fibre. The nuts contain good fats and protein which stabilize the energy. What’s more the vitamin B6 in the nuts convert the tryptophan in the bananas producing serotonin which is a mood enhancer. You can combine one banana and 225 grams of grapes plus 55 grams of dried fruit or apple then top with 30 grams peanut butter or 55 grams of nuts.

The above are three guilt-free snacks which can be good pick-me-ups and energy boosters at the same time. The normal serving is a cupful, but eating a bit more is not bad as these are all dry ingredients for a healthy meal.

These are sure-fire way to help you carryover in various occasions: from post workout, to busy mornings and tough afternoons. Get creative and be sure to prepare accordingly!