3 Places to Try a Foodie Break in 2016

The term “foodie” was first coined in the 1980’s and since then it has made its way into the daily conversations of many. It refers to someone with an avid interest in food that is always on the lookout for that next perfect meal. If you travel to a new city you can download apps for your phone that will help you find the perfect restaurant, the perfect street food, or the best bottle of wine. More and more people are taking vacations that centre on finding the perfect meal in the perfect setting. Here are three places that you must travel to for the perfect foodie break.


imageArgentina is known for the quality of its grass fed beef and Asado (barbecue) is considered the national food, so hare your Merlot at the ready.  Make sure that you spend at least one afternoon sitting around a grill sampling the perfectly grilled meat that this country is famous for. You can get pork, lamb or the perfect beefsteak that will melt in your mouth. Make sure that you try it with the Chimichurri, a green salsa made from fresh parsley, oregano, and garlic. You can also get a grilled cheese called Provoleta that is crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and topped with grilled herbs. This is a sharp and pungent cheese that is sure to please all cheese lovers. Be sure to try the Dulce de Leche, condensed milk that has been reduced into a thick, sticky, topping that is served on everything from pancakes to empanadas. Be sure to wash your food down with Yerba matte a tea like drink that is made from herbs and full of caffeine.


europeanrivercruises045Italy is a treat for all foodies to explore. Sometimes dinner will have eight or nine courses for you to sample. Each region is known for its specialty and quality and flavor are the most important things to any Italian cook. Many luxury Italian holidaymakers visit the Tuscan region, were you can stay at farmhouse villas and sample vegetables picked from local gardens, farm-grown chickens and locally reared beef, or the catch of the day from local fisheries and lakes. Make sure to sample the fantastic, inexpensive, locally made wine this country is famous for. For dessert be sure to try the gelato, freshly made ice cream made with the finest cream and flavours that Italy has to offer.


640888_638_365When you think of Russia you think of the traditional fair like Borscht served with rye bread.  Borscht is a warm hearty, soup made of beets, cabbage and potatoes and it is often garnished with sour cream. It is a great meal after spending the day wandering through Russia on a cold blustery day. Russia is also known for many other specialties and travellers are flocking to Russia on luxury vacations. There are many different kinds of mushrooms that are served up in soups, creamy pasta sauces like stroganoff, filling in dumplings or blinis (crepes), or their famous mini pies known as pirozhki. They are also known for their pickled herring and their red salmon or black sturgeon caviar, which will melt in your mouth.  Be sure to sample these mouthwatering treats and wash them down with a shot or two of their world famous vodka!