5 Kitchen Updates That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Blame the down economy or simply the ever-rising costs of the “ideal, designer kitchen” we’re all so used to seeing on our favorite home TV channels; either way, a kitchen or home makeover can really start to get expensive. Fortunately, there exist at least a handful of affordable ways to give your home a dramatically refreshed look.

  1. $10 Curtains: Without getting down to the exact penny, the web is full of options for curtain shoppers on a budget. Deal hunters won’t have to search too far or wide to find examples such as these from Elegant Comfort that can be had for under $10 with the rod and hardware, shipping included. If sheer curtains aren’t your specific style, a continued search should provide you a variety of other styles all at affordable prices. Once you find a design you like, try outfitting one or two windows per week if your budget is currently almost maxed out. There’s no need to rush, so long as you are making constant strides towards making your home a more beautiful and more livable place.



Image Courtesy of pixabay.com

  1. Get a Backsplash: If you don’t have a tile, glass or stone backsplash behind your stove, that’s a simple fix that can be done for not a whole lot of money that can have value going forward for you in a resale while also adding sophistication and pop to the design your kitchen currently has. The DIY Network has an article sharing seven creative ideas on kitchen backsplashes for interior designers on a budget. A few of these don’t even require any expensive materials or masonry skills.
  1. LED Accent Lighting: Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a scientist to consider this option and you also don’t have to be a millionaire. LED accent lights for the kitchen are a new, but very popular feature making its way into every upscale kitchen. Fortunately, a home makeover consisting of LED lighting for your kitchen can be done on a relatively moderate budget. IKEA and other entry-level manufacturers of home good can provide these systems at affordable prices.
  1. Cabinet Touchups: Instead of paying in the order of thousands or tens of thousands for brand-new designer cabinets, you can achieve at least a similar result with a few cans of stain or paint, some brushes, some spare time and some elbow grease. If you already have a modern accent, such as a bridge faucet, it will be accentuated by a cabinet touch up.


Image Courtesy of www.thingsthatinspire.net

  1. Framed Art Deco Prints: Using the brilliance of another human’s artistic genius is a wonderful way to add spice, personality and richness to an otherwise lacking kitchen ambiance. Popular websites such as Art.com have hundreds of listings under $75 for artwork with kitchen-themed designs. You can actually give your house a home makeover without turning a single screw or hammering a single nail with some pre-hung artwork.

The goal is to walk into your home at some point and feel like you moved into a much newer, nicer and more expensive house, when in fact you are still in your old home. Only now, that old home has a lot of new flair. If you implement at least a couple of the above suggestions, you’ll be sure to find yourself in a very inviting space that feels refreshed and exciting for years to come.