5 Lottery Themed Dishes That Will Make You Feel Lucky

Are you excited about the upcoming lottery draw? Do you have your tickets ready for the next US Powerball or Mega Millions draw? Well, if you want to get into that lottery luck mood, we have an excellent suggestion for you. Why not make a lottery-themed dinner or at least a snack and make an evening of it? In this article, we have selected the five dishes that are so delicious that they could change your lottery luck. Take a look!

1. Lottery Number Cupcakes

This is one of the easiest lotto dishes you could make and the result will be absolutely breathtaking. You can make your cupcake bottoms any flavor you want and then, all you have to do is adapt the toppers for the numbers. You can use marzipan numbers or you can style them on with colored cream. It’s up to you how many cupcakes you want to make. Whether you want to cover the entire guess range of your favorite lottery or you just want to have the cupcake version of the lottery numbers you have chosen, we guarantee that the result will get you into that lotto luck mood you’ve been aiming for.

2. Deviled Eggs with Lottery Numbers

Another simple dish you could make for your lottery-themed dinner is lotto deviled eggs. Use your favorite recipe for the egg cream and then style them to look like lotto numbers. This can be easily done by slicing cucumbers, olives, carrots, or even cheese. All you have to do is put the small vegetable slices together to get the lottery numbers. Then put your eggs on a platter and you will have quite the delicious number barrel.

3. Lotto Jackpot Desert

If you want to visualize that amazing lottery jackpot, then what could be better than chocolate to get you started? Our suggestion is using chocolate coins to make a sweet lotto jackpot. You can make the chocolate yourself and decide the ideal filling and flavors and then just put the liquid chocolate into golden coin wrappers. You can find these at the supermarket and it is a great start for a lottery fortune. With a little bit of luck, your lottery jackpot desert will bring you an actual prize in the lottery, provided that you’ve purchased your ticket, of course.

4. Lotto Number Soup

This is not only an amazing lotto dish, but it is also a very amusing way to choose your numbers for your next lottery ticket. Instead of alphabet soup, you can make number soup to get you into that lottery mood. You can pick up number noodles on your next trip to the supermarket and we promise these will give a very amusing spin to your soup. This dish could be the start of a special number selection ritual for your upcoming lottery endeavors. Just take out random numbers from your soup and play them in the lottery and maybe these will bring you that lottery fortune you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

5. Candy Lotto Number Barrel

For our final dish, we chose a candy lotto number barrel because this could make any lottery draw extremely sweet. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can use any ball-shaped candy you like best. We do recommend wrapped candy because you can then easily apply number stickers and have all the numbers you want for you candy number barrel. You can use a jar as your barrel and then put all your numbers in, and your delicious candy lottery barrel will be ready.

As you can see, getting into that lottery mood can be quite a fun process with scrumptious results. Whether you choose the deviled eggs, the lotto number soup, or the lottery cupcakes, these amazing dishes will turn a lottery draw into a very entertaining event. So? Are you ready to find out the winning numbers for the lottery? Keeping them crossed! Good luck!

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