7 Things You Might Not Know About Italian Food

Italian cuisine is popular all over the world because of its delicious flavours and worldwide appeal. Whether it is a pizza, pasta, or risotto, among others, Italian food will always be a gastronomic feast, In fact, many people even travel to Italy and explore its different regions just to have a true taste of its dishes. Keep on reading to find out more about Italian food, which may sound bizarre at first but will actually make sense if you ever find yourself in Italy.

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Breakfast is not the King of Meals

As many people would say, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. In Italy, this is not the case. A typical Italian breakfast is very light, most of the time only coffee or milk and cookie. An espresso and a croissant is also a popular choice. If you want a slap up breakfast then you’ll have to prepare it yourself in your villa!

Bread is Used to Savor Sauces

The bread that you are served at the beginning of the meal is not meant as an appetizer, but can be used to cleanse your palate. Make sure to reserve a few slices to end the meal. It will be used like a sponge to mop out any remaining sauce on the plate.

There is No Fettucine Alfredo

In many countries, Fettuccine Alfredo is one of the most popular pasta variants. In authentic Italian cuisine, however, this is practically non-existent. If you want to eat something with cream or white sauce, look for the word “panna” from the menu, which means cream.

There is No Spaghetti with Meatballs

This is another famous dish that many believed to be Italian but is only fictional in the country. If you order this in an authentic Italian restaurant, the waiter may end up being dumbfounded. Meat, in general, is not a popular ingredient in genuine Italian pastas. You might find it in more touristy areas like on a visit to Rome, but in smaller towns and villages it won’t be available.

Pepperoni and Peperoni are Different

When browsing through the menu, pay attention to spelling. For instance, if there is “pepperoni” in pizza, it means that there is spicy meat. On the other hand, if there is “peperoni”, it means that there is pepper. Make sure to pay attention to the spelling, It can be frustrating to order a pizza hoping that there will be chunks of spicy meat only to end up with one that has none.

Garlic Is Not As Common

In many Italian restaurants, you might find garlic bread as a staple. In Italy, however, garlic is not used that much. Traditionally, the bread that goes along with the pasta is only served plain. In many of the Italian dishes, less garlic is also used compared to how they are prepared in restaurants outside Italy.

Bar is not for Partying

Do not be surprised if your Italian friends ask you to visit a bar for breakfast, No, they do not mean to get you drink early in the morning. Traditionally, a bar in Italy is a place where you can get espresso and pastry, making it a popular spot to get their first meal of the day.