A Checklist for Smooth Outdoor Party Planning

Organising an outdoor party can be stressful at the best of times, and depending on your available resources, you will have a list of essential items that need to be procured. You might be handling the catering yourself, and really only need a few bits and bobs, or you plan to outsource everything, in which case you will be very busy, and like most things, the key to arranging a successful party is planning. The first thing to do is decide on who will be attending the party, which will give you a head count, and with that always in mind, you can plan accordingly. Here is a checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • The Invitation List – It might just be close friends and family, or a little more extended, but however many people are attending will determine the scale of your preparations. Once you have your guest list compiled, make sure you give adequate notice when sending out the invitations, as some people have very busy social calendars. It always pays to invite the neighbours, as this removes the risk of upsetting them in the early hours of the morning, and it also strengthens the bond of friendship.
  • Sourcing Supplies – This can be a little tricky, what with so many items on the shopping list, and to save both time and money, you are advised to shop online for all your party hire needs. Fortunately, there are online suppliers of everything from serviettes to a complete dance floor, and by shopping online, you can acquire everything you need at lower than retail prices. The ideal way to do this is to make a list of all the essentials, then with a simple online search you can locate a trade party hire company, and that means you can acquire everything you need in a single shop.
  • Ice, Ice & More Ice – If you don’t have an ice machine, you can hire one online. Any party demands a never ending supply of ice, and with the number of guests already known, it’s a lot easier to calculate your ice needs.
  • Audio – Visual Equipment – The music will very much determine the success of the event, so make sure your playlists cater for all ages, and you can even ask guests to bring their own lists, which can be played at random throughout the evening. If you already have an adequate sound system, all well and good, but if you would like something with a bit of oomph, you can hire a sound system from an online party hire company, and they will even send a technician to set up the system, and then your guests can rock until the early hours.
  • The Menu – There should be something for everyone, and whether you are preparing yourself or are calling in an outside caterer, make sure the menu is balanced. A buffet style spread is the ideal choice, and with online suppliers of BBQs and outdoor kitchens for hire, you really can’t go wrong.
  • Parking Amenities – There’s nothing worse than inadequate parking facilities, and this is where your neighbours can likely help (another good reason to invite them). It might be an idea to include a map when you send out the invites, as some people may not be familiar with the venue.

Delegation is the key to smooth management, and with all of the above taken care of, you, the host will have ample time to circulate, which is another of your responsibilities.