Bacon Jerky: The Rugged Snack

Summertime is for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures. What kind of snack holds up to rugged terrain and unpredictable conditions? How about bacon jerky?

What It Is

Uncured jerky (available in Maple Bacon and Sriracha flavors for a sweet or spicy experience) is a delicious pork jerky created by Go Bacon, a company that takes pride in creating the most satisfying products for its customers. Bacon fanatics will fall in love with this alternative to beef or turkey jerky. Packing this jerky on your next hike or camping trip will be a delicious change of pace from other varieties of jerky, and your friends will be begging you to share.

The Healthy Choice

If you think bacon isn’t a healthy choice, think again. Go Bacon bacon jerky is free from harmful nitrates and nitrites. Go Bacon understands that its customers want bacon without all the toxic chemicals and preservatives. This uncured product is also 100 percent gluten free, easily digestible, and contains 30 percent less fat than traditional prepared bacon. This bacon is permissible for those with Celiac and other gluten intolerance and won’t weight heavily on the minds of the health and environmentally-conscious.

A Company That Cares

Go Bacon was created in 2013 with deliciousness in mind. Started in college by the company’s Utah-based founders, Go Bacon boasts a product that entices even the most discerning foodie, and it was created for bacon lovers, by bacon lovers. You’ll be hooked from the first whiff you get as you open the bag.

Food For Your Wilderness Adventures

Out in the wilderness, you need your strength and energy. High protein snacks like jerky provide the “umph” you need to push through obstacles, climb higher, and work harder. This compact snack fits in your backpack for easy, on-the-go eating. Go Bacon sells its jerky in single packages or multiple packages for sharing with friends or snacking on long trips. Enjoy 100 percent gluten free Maple Bacon or low-gluten (contains teriyaki sauce) Sriracha for a spicy kick. Both flavors are totally uncured and free from nitrates and nitrites.

Go Bacon is a company that cares about your taste buds, your health, and your adventures. Their jerky is the highest quality, the most healthy, and the easiest to travel with.

What you put into your body is important, and your food is even more valuable when you have only a backpack to carry it along with you. Pick the compactness of this delicious jerky, the snack that’s as rugged as you.