Best food inspired by America

American food tells the story of America. It tells the stories of travellers of all creeds and nationalities coming together in a foreign land to form a new world. Because of that, anyone travelling to America will find that every region has completely different cuisine and there is enough variety to keep even the pickiest of picky eaters satisfied. Although we have our own versions of some of these iconic foods, nothing beats the original. So, apply for an ESTA Visa, hop on the next flight and fill up on these delicious foods that American inspired.



Once upon a time, there was only one kind of burger: the beef burger. But the culinary creatives of the world have never been content with only one recipe. So, these days burgers come in every shape and size you can imagine with every kind of filling. You have Chinese-American inspired burgers, with sweet chili sauce and bok choy; Caribbean burgers with pineapple relish and jerk beef; and even the vegetarians have mushroom and vegetable burgers. Almost every country has its own burger styles, and most of those recipes can all be linked back to the original American hamburger.


Cheesecake might have its origins in ancient Greece, but American made it into the sweet, creamy, delicious dessert we recognise it to be today. They’re the ones to add cream cheese to the original recipe and it seems that each state has its own style of cheesecake, with New York being the most infamous for its delicious classic style cheesecake. Like the burger, every country has their own way of interpreting cheesecake, meaning that there are almost endless, tasty variations of the dessert. You can also get savoury versions of cheesecake that include such ingredients as chilies, blue cheese and sea food. It might sound like a strange recipe at first, but cooking has always about trying new things and keeping an open mind. Sometimes the craziest ideas turn out the most delicious dishes.


American food is a mix and match of different nationalities. It’s pretty difficult to find a food that is distinctly ‘American’ that doesn’t have some kind of foreign roots. Take, for example, the iconic Texas Chili. Chili con carne has been a Spanish dish for hundreds of years, but one day a little chili stand opened up in San Antonia and ever since then chili has been one of America’s national dishes. It’s one of ultimate Tes-Mex menu items and most restaurants use their chili recipes as a form of competition. Around the world, other chefs are putting their own spin on the simple meat and tomato dish, swapping ingredients and experimenting with completely new flavours. Having your own, unique chili recipes is one of the important milestones you come across on your journey into the world of cooking.


Barbecue is something that’s been ingrained in American culture. When one thinks of American barbecue they think of sticky ribs, charred pork that just slides off the bone and smoked brisket. Americans turned barbecuing into an art form and most southern states talk about their barbecuing traditions with a sense of pride. Without some of the American recipes circulating the world today, barbecue wouldn’t be as beloved as it is today.