Best Places In Europe To Visit For A Foodie

If you’re a fan of food and you fancy travelling Europe in search of some of the best dishes then we can help. Food is something that many countries around the continent are proud of, and with so many signature dishes to choose from, there are a few places that you may expect to see on this list, while there may be a few others that you might not have thought about before. If you are heading out to Europe, it’s always a good idea to take a European Health Insurance Card from with you in order to ensure that if you have a reaction to any of the foods you try on your trip, you can get easy access to healthcare in the country you’re in.  With some of the best dishes in the world originating from these countries, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places for a foodie to visit in Europe.



Italy – the home of mamma’s home cooked meals, and plenty of recipes that your own mamma probably added to and changed as the generations went on. Home of the traditional pizzas and pastas and wholesome family foods to be enjoyed together around the table, Italy really is one of the best locations in Europe for any foodie to head to. No matter what you’re looking for, there are a huge range of recipes that you can choose from.  After a number of changes to the cuisine throughout the centuries, one of the characteristics that you will discover is the simplicity of the dishes, with many only having from four to eight ingredients. In addition to this, one of the main things that Italian chefs focus on is the quality of their ingredients rather than one elaborate preparation of a huge number of dishes. With cheese and wine, as well as espresso coffee being major parts of the cuisine in Italy, you will be certain to find a number of rich and exciting dishes to find, that are far removed from the spaghetti bolognese you would’ve experienced as a child.


Presentation and haute cuisine are two of the most important factors that you will find when it comes to the food in France. There are a number of recipes that you will find that is intangible to the country’s cultural heritage, and knowledge of French cuisine is something that is likely to come up for anyone who is studying catering. Le petit dejeuner (breakfast), le dejeuner (lunch) and le diner (dinner) are the three main meals of the day in the country. For breakfast you are likely to find a quick meal consisting of slices of French bread, sometimes brioche, with butter, jam, or honey, with the croissants, pain aux raisins or pain au chocolat are often treats at the weekend. Lunch can consist of anything from a café or supermarket, and in most of the large cities a majority of working people and students will eat their lunch at a corporate or school cafeteria. You can find traditional French cuisine everywhere in France from the 5* restaurants to the supermarkets, with most of the food being similar in each region.


Hungary may not be a country that you would’ve expected to see on this list, but with the national spice of paprika, and the incredible goulash, you are certain to have a full stomach if you’re heading to Hungary. Whether you’re looking to go more rural, or you want to stick to Budapest, Hungarian food is very similar across the country. Goulash soup (Gulyásleves), a savoury crepe filled with veal (Hortobágyi palacsinta), chicken in creamy paprika gravy with homemade dumplings/pasta (Chicken Paprikas) and Csabai sausage are all traditional dishes that you will find in the country, and are certain to enjoy no matter where you end up.