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5 things to do in Bali for families with active kids

Credit: Your family holiday in Bali has begun and everything is just perfect. You are staying in a private luxury villa with a pool where the kids can swim and play

The History of Gambling in London

Modern London attracts millions of visitors annually not only due to its amazing sights but also developed gambling industry. Brits love to spend time in trusted virtual casinos choosing slots online for

Photography Tips – How to make your plate shine on Instagram

Photography is more than just a trending topic nowadays, it is a full blown craze and shows no signs of falling out of favour. Cooks love to take snap shots of the

How to Build Your Casino-Whale Reputation to Get Free Perks

If you’ve ever perhaps watched a documentary featuring the casino and gambling industry, most notably featuring some of the real casinos of the likes of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau and even

Introducing Green into Your Kitchens Décor

At the beginning of the year, Pantone announced their long awaited ‘Color of the Year 2017’. The colour that has been chosen for their COTY is Greenery, which has had many mixed

Three Tips for Throwing a Birthday Bash Without Breaking the Bank

Year after year, kids’ parties seem to get more and more extravagant, don’t they? They’re getting more and more expensive, too. Oftentimes, throwing a birthday party for your child can feel like

4 key steps for discovering the best windows

There is nothing more calming than sitting inside your house and taking pleasure in a beautiful view with warm sunshine. Whether you consider it or not your windows are one of the