Connected Kitchen: Top 5 Smart Cooking Appliances

While there has been a limited number of products and market movements recently, a flood of new “smart home appliances” is on the way. As the Media Post reports, according to a new study by Juniper Research, the number of connected home appliance shipments is expected to surpass 200 million units in the next five years.


For years, people were looking for ways to make the kitchen smarter. But according to a recent NextMarket Insights survey, there is a number of recent trends that support the fusion of technology and the kitchen. Almost 60% of people who cook on a regular basis use a smartphone either “all the time” or “frequently” in the kitchen to help them find information about different foods, or the cooking process itself.

The Internet of Things is bound to take full control of the kitchen in the next couple of years, but there are still some appliances on the market today that can help make your kitchen a bit smarter.

1. Egg Minder ($49)

The Egg Minder might be considered lo-tech when compared to some of the other appliances from our list, but it is a rather useful device nevertheless. This crowd funding success story will keep the count of your eggs, and let you know which ones might be going bad. Additionally, it is compatible with the IFTTT, so you can set up some quite interesting IoT combinations. For instance, you can program it to play your favourite song on Spotify if you ran out of eggs.

2. Smarter Coffee ($179)

The Firebox exclusive allows the users to brew and grind their coffee on demand, using their smartphone to get things started. You’re able to tee-up up to twelve cups of coffee at once, and you even have the option to choose the strength of the brew. Smarter Coffee also has the “welcome home” and “good morning” modes that can be set to kick start the gadget into action based on different timings and set geo-locations.

3. Juicero ($699)

Traditional juicers mostly kill all the essential nutrients your body needs, but a cold press juicer will ensure that you meet all of your nutritional needs. Juicero is a connected juicer that tracks every fruit and vegetable you press, and lets you know when it is time to restock, what nutrients you are consuming and where each ingredient was grown. At the moment, the company is still only shipping to places in California, however, it should expand very soon.

4. Samsung Family Hub ($5,599)

Samsung’s latest smart refrigerator does all the things you’d expect but it comes with a “Groceries by MasterCard” shopping app that allows the user to shop from Shop Rite and Fresh Direct, directly from the door. It practically functions like a gigantic phone app – and conveniently enough it synchs to a companion app on your smartphone. It also has three cameras inside that take a photo 10 seconds after you close the door. And while this feature may seem ridiculous at first, it can be quite useful when you’re at the grocery store.

5. Gaggenau Steam Oven ($7,999)

Why should you opt for a steam oven in the first place? For starters, it is the healthiest way to cook – moisture maintains the food nutrients instead of baking them. Gaggenau Steam Oven is by far one of the best steam ovens on the market today – it has a sheet pan and a direct plumbing line built in, which guarantees that your meet will never dry out. If that’s not enough, it also cleans itself. Of course, the only setback to the Gaggenau is the price – it costs a modest eight thousand dollars.

Smart Kitchen Remodelling

As you can see, some of these appliances cost quite a lot, and if you’re planning to invest a hefty sum of money into your kitchen, it would be wise to plan ahead and consult a professional. For instance, if you decide to buy the Gaggenau, you’ll have to make sure that it’s installed properly if you don’t want any additional costs. What’s more, if you plan to maintain the plumbing by yourself, experts form Your Choice Plumbers, emergency plumber service from Melbourne, advise taking pictures of the disassembly process to help when it’s time to put everything back together.

In addition, if you plan to fully remodel your kitchen and add all sorts of smart gadgets, don’t forget that the planning period should take more than the actual construction. So how much should you actually spend planning? Well, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, it should take at least six to eight months. That way, person won’t be tempted to change their mind during construction and start making changes, which will only inflate the costs.

Final Thoughts

While we left out some of better-known gadgets, like the HAPIfork that tracks user’s eating habits, all of these appliances on the list will make your cooking easier and more enjoyable. So if you didn’t know where to begin with upgrading your kitchen supplies, these appliances are surely a good start point.