Cooking Food Swaps That Make You Feel Better And Lose Weight

If you try to lose weight there are so many things that go through your mind but the highly important part is making diet changes. The ingredients you choose when you cook will make a huge difference so you want to be careful. Obviously, you will still want to do some workouts, like joining a Pilates online class, but diet is vital for weight loss. Fortunately, you just need to make some simple swaps to start off. Consider the following.

Use Cream Cheese Instead Of White Bagel

Replacing the white bagel is quite good for losing weight. Alternatively, you can consider the English muffin, as long as it is whole grain. Add some nut butter and you will love the change. An English muffin is much better than the average bagel and you can reduce calorie intake with around one hundred calories. Nut butter offers some extra protein, allowing you to feel fuller.

Remove Syrup And Butter From Your Pancakes

According to a PT in Sydney, runny egg yolk works great with flapjacks. You end up saving many empty calories and have some added protein inside your diet. Eggs have around 7 grams of protein and satiety levels will be increased. Instead of butter and syrup simply add 2 poached eggs and your pancakes are going to be great.

Oatmeal Instead Of Blueberry Muffins

As you get ready to meet your online personal trainer and you want to have a snack, do not consider the blueberry muffin. Instead, cook some oatmeal and add fresh blueberries. This drastically reduces calorie intake. Also, oats are a great source of fiber and water so you end up being filled faster. At the end of the day you eat much less and you feel fuller for a longer period of time. You even get high quantities of antioxidants from the fresh blueberries.

Replace The Eggs Benedict

Instead of eggs benedict, try to make a 3 eggs cheese omelet with vegetables and ham. It is always a really great idea to have a good brunch as it is needed for a wonderful day. The omelet is going to give you fewer calories than regular eggs benedict. Also, ham and cheese gives you some extra protein, all perfectly combined with fibers coming from vegetables.

Replace Salads With Store Bought Croutons And Dressing

Not every salad is great for you. This is especially the case when referring to the salad you buy from the store, because of the dressing that is added. It is always a much better idea to make your very own salad with some olive oil, nuts, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

Most people simply eat too much salad so the store bought dressing becomes a really bad idea, adding too many calories to your diet. White balsamic vinegar and lemon juice have low calories while olive oil offers healthy fats. The croutons you buy in the store can be replaced with almonds or walnuts for some extra protein and fiber. Avoid the store bought dressing and make your own.