Corines cuisine shines as chefs favorite sauces

Corine’s Cuisine is the creator of 5 delicious gourmet sauces with each having a distinct flavor. The chef’s favorite sauces are handmade with refining recipes by culinary experts. The 5 types of gourmet sauces that it offers are Sauce 23, Sauce 3, Sauce 10, Sauce 28 and Sauce 7. The first sauce, Sauce 23 is a hot sauce created with a special Scotch bonnet peppers recipe to add Caribbean chili taste. You can apply this sauce onto your barbecued fish to make it taste spicy. This sauce can also be added to your pasta meal.


The second sauce, Sauce 3, is also a hot sauce and it is made with Scotch bonnet peppers that are pickled. This sauce tastes like Jamaican curry and is best served with chicken meals.

The third sauce, Sauce 10 is made by using Scotch bonnet peppers that become ripe under the tropical sun. The sauce has many tiny bits of grounded turmeric. Sauce 10 has a spicier taste compared to Sauce 23 and Sauce 3. This sauce is suitable to be added into all kinds of gourmet meals.

The fourth sauce, Sauce 28 is an Asian style barbecue sauce with a medium level of hot taste. You can use Sauce 28 for marinating food. It can also be used to season your daily meals.

The fifth sauce, Sauce 7, is a marinade sauce that uses fresh gingers as the main ingredients. You can use Sauce 7 when marinating roasted food. It also work great as a dipping sauce for barbecue meals.

The sauces are created with completely organic ingredients that are good for your health. Apart from using organic ingredients, they also ensure that the ingredients they use in the sauce preparation are fresh.  The main ingredient in Corine’s Cuisine is Scotch bonnet peppers which are imported from the farms in Mexico. Other fresh ingredients used in making the Corine’s Cuisine sauce are garlic and lime juice.

The Corine Cuisine sauces were cooked for a while prior to being sealed in a bottle. Corine’s sauces can be stored on the shelf at the room temperature. However, after the bottle of sauce is opened, you must keep it refrigerated. The sauce in the bottle will pour better in the warm room temperature.

Four of Corine’s Cuisine sauces is made with gluten free ingredients. They are in the middle of obtaining a gluten free certification for their sauces. The only sauce that is not made with gluten free ingredients is Sauce 28 as it uses soy sauce as ingredient. Corine’s sauces are packaged in 5 oz. bottles and you can purchase all 5 Corine’s Cuisine gourmet sauces from the official website. They are also available for purchased at the local retail stores.