DIY Portable Water Heater Project – For Your Outdoor Camping Adventures

There used to be time along the development of the human race when the advancement of technology was all about developing tools to make our lives that much easier in many ways. Nowadays the only new technological advancements come in the form of a new website or app which doesn’t really come up with something totally innovative, but rather offers a more popular or even better way of doing something. This is perhaps one of the many reasons why activities such as camping remain popular, as they give us that much-needed opportunity to take things back to the days when we had to come up with solutions for our mere survival. This stimulated a good sense of accomplishment which is hard to come by today.


While well-manicured lawns famously started replacing more productive use of backyard real-estate like planting a vegetable garden, even in our quest to get back to our innovative roots through something like outdoor camping, some of the things we take for granted tend to get highlighted to induce what is perhaps some much-needed introspection. Something as simple as being able to turn on the tap and have clean, running and hot water would otherwise perhaps be something you’d never thought of before. Outdoor camping will make you think of such things and maybe even push you think about possible ways to DO IT YOURSELF.

Fortunately though, the hot water issue presents itself as a problem in many instances of activities such as outdoor camping, so there are already some options available by way of solutions. Look, there’s always the option of water tank rental and perhaps even buying some specific off-the shelf solutions, but the DIY aspect of building your own portable water heater is in a sense what makes outdoor activities such as camping worth the time and effort. It’s what makes it fun really.

Hot water comes in handy in range of situations when you’re out camping so there are plenty of DIY water-heater options, but if you want hot water for a hot beverage or for cooking purposes, you have the advantage of being able to build a compact water heater which doesn’t take up too much space and equipment. While there’s no real wrong or right way of building your own water heater, what ultimately needs to happen is for you to connect a heat source with some sort of water tank, putting as little water inside the tank as possible so that it heats up in the quickest possible time. The heat source can be anything really, like wood perhaps, but a propane tank works really well. A solar panel is just as good, but the limitation would then obviously be the limited availability of the sunshine.

The water tank also gives plenty of options by way of what you use to make that part of the contraption, such as a clean turkey fryer, some used cans (those reusable ones which are used to store processed foods), and anything else really which distributes heat quickly and efficiently.

If your creative heat-source-to-water-tank-connection juices aren’t quite flowing, simply have a look at some off-the-shelf, ready-made solutions for DIY inspiration.