Food and Drink for Your Vanuatu Holidays

Vanuatu is a holiday archipelago located in the east end of Melanesian chain, 2,445 km northeast of Sydney, Australia and approximately 800 km west of Fiji. The name can be roughly translated as “Land Eternal”. It is composed of 83 islands and is one of the most surreal and breathtaking holiday destinations perfect for the family.


Vanuatu has a tropical weather in the north and subtropical in the south. It is influenced by multicultural nature, which is reflected in the cuisine that can be found in the island. You will be able to enjoy different cuisines like French, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian and a lot of seafood when you visit the place. And speaking of cuisine, you should complete your Vanuatu holidays by tasting some of the most popular and trademark food and drinks in the island. You will certainly feel the vibe of the island life because of these food and drinks.

In this article, we will give you some examples of trademark food and drinks in Vanuatu.


When you visit the island, you will immediately take notice of simple but tasty ingredients like yams, taro root, manioc and other root crops. Locals use these ingredients every day that these have become part of their regular meal. And because of these ingredients, the national dish of Vanuatu was invented and it’s called Laplap.

Laplap is made from combination of manioc, taro or yam cooked with wild spinach and grated coconut. Locales eat this with meat and wrap in banana leaves and baked in an oven. It tastes really refreshing and flavourful.

You will be able to say that you’ve indeed visited Vanuatu after you’ve tasted this national dish of the island.

You can also taste this trademark dish when you visit the market.

Coconut crab 

Another Vanuatu specialty dish is coconut crab. You can taste this dish in the local restaurant though some restaurants have put a moratorium on serving this dish as this specie of crab became endangered as time passed by.


If the island has a national food, then they also have a national drink and it goes by the name kava. You might think about kava from other South Pacific countries but compare not. Vanuatu kava is a lot more potent than other kava in some South Pacific countries.

It is considered as legal ‘opiate’ that comes from chewing, grinding, and grating the root of the plant.

Kava is such a strong drink that it actually comes in two variants – from the mild version to the so-called ‘two-del’ kava since it can knock a person out for two days. Imagine two-days of suffering from that kava drink! It sounds pretty wild, isn’t it? It can cause numbness of the tongue and a two-day sleep. But no matter how strong this drink is, it has become part of the tradition to drink kava during sundown.

Foreigners who want to experience the island life participate in one of these kava drinking rituals at night. And before they know it, they are having the most authentic and most memorable Vanuatu holiday they could experience.

In case you are planning to visit the island any time soon, you should make sure to taste these trademark food and drinks and just enjoy your time in the island. It would be a good break from the stressful life in the city.