Food and Wine Travel Packages

Australia is one of the places worth visiting, especially for those who want to go and enjoy a food and wine travel adventure. No doubt about that, as there are more than 2,400 wineries in more than 60 regions around Australia. Wherein, these regions grow and cultivate more than a hundred varieties of grape that end up with more than 20 million glasses of Australian wine distributed all over the world.

With that, the Ultimate Winery Experience Australia has been established. It’s an association of high-end, award-winning wineries that provide behind-the-scenes wine, food, and other experiences included private, barrel, and structured tastings. Not just that, there are also food and wine matching, as well as cooking classes and picnics everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy Wine Tasting of All Shapes and Sizes 

Despite the fact that wine tasting and food travels have a different set of activities, their aim is almost similar. They are made to give partisans the opportunity of trying different kinds of wines. The activities can be compared to classes (seated, seminar-like), but there are also ones that are like social gatherings and parties.

What Makes It Different From Wine Classes 

As compared to wine class, the participants in a wine tasting events have different levels of expertise when it comes to wine tasting. Technically speaking, anyone can be a part of it, it’s a one size, fits all. No beginner, advanced, or intermediate level.

Wine tastings also became popular mainly because of the benefits you can enjoy as compared to wine tasting alone, at home. Just think about it, how many wines could you taste on your own, without wasting most of it? More so, how many bottles of wine are you willing to buy? Let’s not forget that the experience is way better if you’re doing it with a group of people.

At wine tastings, you have a lot to learn and discover, you can learn from other wine tasters, at the same time, they can learn from you. That’s why a lot of people believe that it’s one of the best ways to train your palate in wine tasting.

How to Be Part of It 

If you’re interested in joining a wine and food travel package, then you’re in for a treat. Since there are plenty of wine regions in Australia, you’re bound to find a package that interests you most. My personal recommendation is Barossa Valley region, and tours available there.

Most packages being offered gives you the freedom and creativity that you’d really love to enjoy. You’ll be able to experience the innovative flavours of Australia, at the same time, learn more about the multicultural cuisines. Of course, all of these are paired with world-class wines sources from more than 50 wine regions all across the country. Though, what really sets it apart is that, Australia is the home of natural scenery and fantastic weather all year round. Truly, you’ll have a very unforgettable experience.