Gamblers’ Favourite Foods

It makes for some rather interesting reading zoning in on what gamblers love to fill up on when visiting casinos, particularly those who are in it for the long haul and gear up each day for some serious gaming sessions at the slots or at the tables. We explore some favourites, some of which shocked us as well, but upon analysing the overall psychology surrounding the gambling industry the surprise sort of goes out of the equation.


The Gambler’s Breakfast

The gambler’s breakfast is perhaps not all too different from a typical breakfast enjoyed by anybody else. The one difference however is that it’s usually a huge breakfast, perhaps popularised by those $1 breakfast buffets you find in many of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, the typical casino all-you-can-eat one dollar buffet is normally fully stocked with all the options which make up a traditional breakfast, including eggs prepared in many different forms, good old bacon, bread, coffee, a nice variety of sausages, fish cakes, bread, orange juice, etc. The likes of flap-jacks with butter and honey or syrup normally go very quickly though, so the early casino birds usually catch that worm.

The Gambler’s Midday Snack

If you have a look at the likes of, what you’ll find is a selection of some popular games among those so called marathon casino gamers. These are some games which do indeed take up quite a bit of brainpower because they require an element of skill and strategising to play and they don’t merely rely on pure luck. Lunch time comes around very quickly when one is fully engaged in such games and lost in their own little casino paradise, but usually no big lunch is had by the avid gambler. The heavy breakfast is usually enough to get them through the day and perhaps have them content with nothing more than a quick midday snack and perhaps a drink or two if they don’t feel as if it’s too early in the day for that.

Popular midday snacks to take the place of a would-be lunch among gamblers include the likes of energy bars (the ones you’d normally have for a healthy breakfast, ironically), hot dogs (usually with no fries) and an assortment of finger-snacks from a sea-food platter, like an oyster or two, prawns, or some sushi canapés.

The Gambler’s Dinner

imageIf the gambler is still at it but would like to grab some dinner before they head home, some favourites include classic hamburgers, which for some reason are preferred mostly with some onion rings and a little gravy as opposed to some layers of cheese and other (green) toppings. Gamblers tend to prefer roadhouse types of food for the dinner they have while visiting the casino, otherwise if it’s time to take a break, after which the gambling will resume and go on late into the night, some fine dining with an assortment of the finest dishes in the resident fine-dining establishment is usually in order.