Got your Goat? 4 Reasons why Goat Meat is Coming Back

January saw prices for goat meat hitting record highs of $7 per kilo as demand for the often unloved foodstuff has skyrocketed in recent years both in Australia and abroad. In fact, to the US alone, Australian exports of goat meat have doubled to a staggering 18,000 tonnes per year.

From the wild breeds ranging New South Wales, to the more genteel Boer goats you’ll find at livestock farms across this land, there’s a newfound enthusiasm for goat meat that’s causing Aussies to sit up and wonder why they’ve been neglecting this tasty local delicacy. So here are a few reasons to help you on your way.

Healthy Eating

Goat meat is the second leanest red meat available today with only 3% overall fat content compared to much vaunted healthier alternatives such as chicken and turkey, with far less saturated fat to boot. It contains far less calories per kilo as well, with one portion of goat meat containing only 122 calories, while a comparable cut of beef contains 178. All this alongside many other benefits such as low sodium, low potassium and high amounts of omega 3 fats mean that goat meat is a wise choice for anybody looking to eat clean.

A Friendlier Alternative

Unlike cows, chickens and other livestock, goats aren’t subject to mass farming, which means fewer added hormones and antibiotics. In fact, with so many of them running free across the outback, most farmers are content to coral feral herds and pick as many as are needed when they’ve matured. While the traditional farming of goat meat that does occur is usually on small farms with handpicked breeds that are allowed to roam and graze as they please.

Versatile Cooking

While goat meat has long been the staple of cultural cuisines from India to Mexico to the Caribbean, it’s only recently that the Western world has realized the endless possibilities of goat meat. Its strong aroma and tenderness make it the perfect base for any good soup or stew, as it will hold its flavour no matter how long you decide to cook it. Meanwhile the actual taste is mild enough to be paired with various spices and flavours. Goat curry, goat pie or a slow cooked roast – there are a lot of mouth-watering goat meat recipes around for you to try.

Unnecessary Slaughter

Goats have long been primary contributors to the dairy industry with female goats kept for their healthy and tasty milk. However the male goats that are born on these farms are usually killed at birth or sold for their by-products. A thriving goat meat industry means that many of these males can be kept as part of a sustainable system that can help keep us fed as well.

What are you waiting for?

It’s cheap, it’s healthy and it can go with almost any dish. It’s no wonder top chefs around the nation are adding goat back to their menu, so why not you too? Get out to your local butchers, find a good cut and find out for yourself why goat meat is becoming a rising food trend in 2017.