Green Juicing for Beginners

Everyone who is anyone, from The Duchess of Cambridge down, is loving green juicing at the moment. It’s especially popular in January when it seems as if the whole world is detoxing from the Christmas excesses. Last month, UK sales of juicers and smoothie makers went through the roof, with John Lewis claiming to have sold a Nutribullet every 30 seconds. So, what’s all the fuss about?


Naturally pressed juices are nothing new; we’ve been drinking freshly squeezed orange juice for decades. What is new is the concept of turning large amounts of fruit and veg into fresh juice and using the resulting (often green) drink as a meal replacement.

The thinking behind this is that raw plants carry a lot of nutrients that are destroyed by cooking, including essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. By drinking them in their pure form, a high concentration of these nutrients is made available to the body, which in turn hugely benefits our health. In order to get the same result from your diet you would have to eat a shedload of fruit & veg, so juicing is the perfect solution.

Clearly, anything that encourages us to increase our fruit & veg intake and reduce our consumption of processed food and drink must be a good thing. And as long as you remember to include a proper meal in your daily diet, green juices can certainly give you a healthy boost. Endlessly portable and flexible enough to fit into any routine or lifestyle, juicing is fast ‘food’ that is actually good for you!

Critics have claimed that traditional juice extraction removes the flesh and skin of the produce, thereby depriving essential fibre from being made available to the body. This argument has been overcome by the latest generation of juicer blenders, such as the Nutribullet, where the pulp is retained within the drink. And as long as you’re careful to include 80-90% vegetables and use fruit sparingly in your juice, excess sugar consumption won’t become an issue either.

Leaving nutrition aside, what might also appeal is the fact that you don’t need to cook! Give your kitchen a well-earned rest after all that Christmas feasting, and keep it nice and clean for a change. Now might be a good time to treat your oven to a deep clean…

If you’re tempted to join the green juice revolution, all you need is a juicer on your worktop and plenty of fresh (ideally organic) produce in your fridge. Here are 3 easy yummy recipes to get you going.

Green Dream: Half a lime (with skin), 1cm slice of pineapple, 1 large handful of spinach, 250 ml coconut water

Pearfect Cucumber: 3 pears (with skin), 1cm slice of Chinese cabbage, thin slice of lemon (with skin), half a cucumber (unpeeled), 200 ml water

Ginger Delight: 2 apples, 2 carrots, 2 sticks celery, 2 handfuls of kale, 1cm piece of ginger, 250 ml water

Article provided by green juice enthusiast and independent content writer Mike James, working alongside Surrey-based luxury, bespoke kitchen specialist Price Kitchens, who were consulted over this piece.