How Millionaires Really Dine

Make no mistake about it, popular culture is indeed largely shaped by the imaginations of the directors and screenwriters who bring us all the television shows and series we watch, but then again often they just draw on what actually happens in real life to put in their storylines. That’s why what are otherwise seemingly everyday activities such as eating become that much more interesting as different angles are employed to convey them, such as how millionaires dine.

Being in the media industry (as a magazine art director) for a lifestyle brand landed me quite a sweet gig where I was to spend a bit of time exploring and profiling the lives of the super-rich as is lived out in the maritime environment, but interestingly enough only one out of the 11 we profiled actually played out in a real-world sailing environment. All the rest pretty much epitomised how the super-wealthy really live, most of whom admit to having their luxury yachts docked in the harbour as somewhat of a secondary home to escape to. They don’t quite sail or cruise as much as we might think they do and this information was shared on condition of us maintaining their anonymity.

Something else which came into focus is how these super-wealthy multi-millionaires really dine, which is a stark contrast from what we’re made to believe by watching television. The phrase “dining like a king” is somewhat ideological with its feature of long, long dining tables filled up with all manner of different foods and drinks, only for the diners to pick and choose only a tiny portion of what is available overall.

The other ideological depiction is that of the same diners alternatively stuffing their faces with the finest foods from all across the world, with a small army of personal servants on stand-by to play the role of the fine-dining-establishment-waitrons.

It isn’t quite like that in reality, although it very well may be for only those new money millionaire types who are still enjoying and savouring the fruits of their hard labour, otherwise the dining of millionaires is really something of a non-event if you consider just how ordinary it is in relation to how the rest of us mere folk dine.

The average millionaire goes through the typical array of what we all do while feeding ourselves, like whipping out their phone to check the lottery results, something which would naturally suggest that they do indeed play the lottery as well, just like you and I.

So when you check the lotto results tonight, while you’re having your dinner in front of the television perhaps, take consolidation of the fact that somewhere in some harbour a millionaire is doing the exact same thing. Now you just have to figure out how you can be more similar to them in the ways that matter, such as working your way to a place where checking the lotto results really doesn’t make your heart beat faster at the prospect of perhaps having won a neat sum of money.