How much does a dinner party cost?

Throwing a dinner party can still be a grand affair even without spending a fortune. While you can apply for Wizzcash payday loans of up to £1000 if you’re short on cash, the easiest way to throw a dinner party on a budget is to buy smart and cut a few corners. With a thrifty instinct and some discipline you can throw an amazing party for your friends and family without putting yourself in debt.

Set a budget

Setting the budget is the easiest part of the dinner party. The hardest part is sticking to it. When you’re a host that loves to please and a chef that loves to cook then you might tend to get a bit carried away when it comes to dinner party spending. The trick to sticking to your budget is to start preparing for your dinner party earlier than you normally would. Give yourself enough time to shop around, compare prices and hunt for discounts. That way you’ll have a much better chance at sticking to your budget than you wold if you bought your supplies the night before and only visited one shop.

Choose delicious over impressive

While caviar and gold leaf encrusted lobster with black truffle garnish might look and sound impressive, it’s not exactly cost effective and there’s not much of a guarantee that your guests are going to enjoy it. Instead, choose foods that are delicious without being overly expensive or with difficult to find ingredients. How about a Moroccan tagine? Or a lasagne? Or a paella? These are the sorts of dishes where you can mix and match ingredients to suit the tastes of your guests and can find alternatives for ingredients that might be a little expensive. These dishes also tend to be quite filling, so you don’t need to fork out piles of food in order to keep your guests fed and you can make the perfect amount to feed everyone without wasting any (plus, the next day leftovers are just as delicious!).

Bring your own ______

If you’re really strapped for cash and you need a bit of help, you could always add a ‘bring your own…’ theme to your dinner party. It could be anything from ‘bring your own booze’ to ‘bring your own plates’. If your budget is getting too tight then your guests probably wouldn’t mind doing a little bit to help out with the cost. Plus, a ‘bring your own dessert’ dinner party can be a lot of fun when you’ve got a dinner table full of sweet food lovers.

Get the presentation right

The cure for any low budget dish is to present it in an expensive way. Half of the eating is done with our eyes, after all. Even if you’re not a fan of Pinterest or Instagram, you can find lots of ideas there on how to make boring dishes look fancy. Use some fresh herbs for sprinkling if something looks a bit bland and some black pepper. If you’ve got some fresh bread you can pour extra virgin olive oil into a few small bowls and add ingredients to use for a snack. Mix chili in one, sundried tomatoes in another and balsamic vinegar in another to get dips on a budget. Plus, bread and olive oil makes for attractive and practical table accessories if you’re short on decorations.