How to Build Your Casino-Whale Reputation to Get Free Perks

If you’ve ever perhaps watched a documentary featuring the casino and gambling industry, most notably featuring some of the real casinos of the likes of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau and even some of those here in the UK and in continental Europe, you’d be all too familiar with the term “casino whale.”


The same applies to movies with a casino theme or those which feature one or more major scenes which play out at a casino.

Casino whales do indeed enjoy a lot of perks which are otherwise not extended to the average casino guest, such as perhaps being given a free pass to dine at the establishment’s in-house fine dining restaurant as opposed to having to limit their gastronomic choices to the $1 buffet served in typical Las Vegas style. If you have any interest in the casino lifestyle and all the entertainment, food and drink to go with, you’d rather be known as a whale than an average gambler.

Casino whales enjoy so much more, but contrary to popular belief, casino whales don’t necessarily always spend big to enjoy all the perks they get by virtue of being marked as whales. Yes, the house loves it when you spend a bunch of money and you are suspected to have more where that came from, but it’s more about perpetuating the illusion of living large so that other gamblers can stay hopeful of perhaps winning big themselves. It definitely happens in real life as well, in real casinos, the scenario of a particular big winner of the night being offered a complementary night at the one of the in-house casino hotel’s best suites in an attempt to perhaps have that winner hitting the floors again so that the casino has a chance to win their money back.

If you want to be that guy you don’t necessarily have to win big — as if that was up to you in any case. You just have to act like a whale and you’ll soon get noticed.

  1. Join the casino’s loyalty programme so that they can keep track of all your visits and then visit often, even if you’re not particularly coming to gamble, but perhaps just to have lunch or something.
  2. Periodically book one of the most expensive hotel room suites under your own name, as a solo guest, even if you intend to stay over with a bunch of your friends as perhaps part of a weekend retreat or something along those lines.
  3. Play the tables and not the slots machines, unless you’re betting big on the slots machines and those big bets are lodged on your loyalty programme. High rollers play tables.
  4. Make some suggestive requests with the concierge – not suggestive in a sexual manner, but rather suggestive of the fact that you want to spend some money. Ask the concierge assistance where you can play powerball online, for instance, with the knowledge that casinos don’t traditionally offer lottery-type gambling options. The trick is to have them escalating your requests to top management so that your name comes up regularly with them, thereby raising a number of opportunities for you to be flagged as a whale.

Just one experience as a whale each with one casino is more than enough to have you enjoying more perks than what you spend any money on.