How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space

In the design world there’s been the recent trend of merging the outdoors with the indoors and we simply love it. Instead of simply having a rusty old barbecue sitting out on the patio next to some plastic lawn furniture, we’re taking all our favourite items from the kitchen outside to make garden dining truly special. Here’s how to create the perfect outdoor kitchen and dining space for your own home. 


Don’t Forget the Basics

The outdoor kitchen is just as important to plan for as the indoor equivalent. Sure, you could get the professionals to come in and create a space for you but it wouldn’t be as personal or as inviting. You shouldn’t think of a rushed flat pack job but instead think of your gardens kitchen as an extension of your inside one. We’re simply taking the inside out and putting a twist on an old idea. Not only do you need to plan for the big items, like the cooking appliances and dining setting but don’t forget the other basics of your indoor kitchen, such as your storage spaces and smaller items like baskets to hold the cutlery and outdoor friendly cups and plates.

Choose Hardwearing Materials

Your surfaces will be your main point of concern here. In the inside kitchen you need to prepare for items dropping on your countertops, knife marks scraping them and stain marks from old spills. In the outside kitchen, you’ll need to think of all of that plus having materials that can withstand all kinds of harsh weather, snow, all day sun and heat, rain and hail. Make sure to select resilient materials for your outside kitchen, like stainless steel countertops or heavy stone or slate.


Make It Easy to Clean

Just like your inside kitchen you’ll need to choose surfaces and flooring that’s especially easy to clean and can withstand spills. Flooring isn’t something we always think about when considering an outdoor kitchen, but it’s an absolute necessity to get hardwearing flooring and countertops as well as appliances. Your outside clean-up should not require any more work than your inside kitchen clean-up. If anything it should be less, depending on how extravagant you go with your outside digs.

Electricity and Water

You’ll also need to consider where you electricity and water are coming from in order to use your outside kitchen. You’ll likely need just as many outlets for your outside kitchen as you would for your inside one. Most homes don’t come complete with this many outside outlets in the one area, so you’ll need to get in an electrician before commencing. It’s absolutely critical that your kitchen is well thought out and planned prior to calling them in. It’s also a good idea to include a water source, like a small sink in your outside kitchen. You don’t want to have to traipse back inside to wash your hands every time you are cooking. It will get old fast and will stop you from enjoying your outside kitchen.



Don’t forget all your outdoor furniture. Before you begin choosing your items, make a list of your needs and wants in order of importance for your main table setting. Do you want a bar type atmosphere or a more traditional family sit down? Consider how many guests you’ll regularly have and how many you’ll occasionally have for larger events, like family holidays and get-togethers. You’ll want to consider all possibilities before purchasing in order to get the most from your outdoor kitchen and dining space.