How to Eat Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget

These days it seems like absolutely everything is going up in price; you’re paying more in rent, more in the grocery store and definitely more at the pub than you used to. Whether you blame this on hipsters opening up avocado cafes in your street, draught-stricken crop yields, or the government’s attempt to get us to booze less – the fact of the matter is that your money is definitely not going very far.

So where do you sacrifice in order to save some much needed cash? The pub? Certainly not. The rent? You have to live somewhere. Your food? Well! This is actually the perfect place to save money, even if you are a foodie.

Here is how you can save cash on your food without sacrificing your quality or quantity:

Buy store brands

Many of us are ‘brainwashed’ by advertisers, and we tend to go for the national brands. Everyone else seems to buy them, so they must be the best right? Absolutely not. Many store brands are not just cheaper, but they are almost always the exact same as their national brand look-a-like. Most stores just take national brands and slap their own labels onto it, but sell at a cheaper price. Buy store brands and you can save some serious cash.

Buy in season

I know we would all love to have peaches year-round, or enjoy avocadoes every day. But the thing is, that fruits tend to have seasons, and when they are out of season – you are going to pay to have genetically modified fruit items imported from distant shores. I mean there are times of the year when avocadoes cost the same as actual small aeroplanes. Bite the bullet and stick to the fruit and vegetables that are in season.

Sales, coupons and cash back

Don’t let shows like “Coupon Wars” put you off using them to get yourself some heavily discounted grocery items. Newspapers, newsletters, magazines and many other platforms give away coupons on a regular basis – so keep an eye out. Also remember to watch out for store sales, and groceries on special. Cash back schemes like Saivian are also a great avenue to save money. Download the Saivian iOS app, and you could stand to get back half of your grocery spend a year.

Plant a garden

Okay, not everyone has the space to create a lavish vegetable garden – but urban gardens are all the rage now. Even if you have a small balcony – you have enough space to grow your own tomatoes, spinach or herbs. It may not save you hundreds of dollars, but they will save you a little, and besides it’s good for the environment and makes an excellent hobby. Permaculture practices are really taking off all over the world, and it’s been integrated into urban gardening in a huge way. It is now seen as one of the primary ways for communities to grow food together, and stop the overreliance on corporations and many environmentally damaging agriculture practices.