Introducing Green into Your Kitchens Décor

At the beginning of the year, Pantone announced their long awaited ‘Color of the Year 2017’. The colour that has been chosen for their COTY is Greenery, which has had many mixed opinions. Green is a colour that many often avoid due to it being difficult to pair with other colours easily. In today’s interior styles, however, green has become very popular and is becoming much easier to incorporate into everyday décor.

Green is the perfect colour for a room of any purpose and also creates a positive energy in the room, making it ideal for creating a welcoming, warm feel within your home. With many finding it difficult to introduce the colour green into their interiors, here are a few ways in which you can do so without worrying about changing the décor too much.

Green Paint

No matter what shade of green you choose to go for, one of the easiest ways to add it to your interiors is with paint. Painting your walls with a light, green shade will instantly add life to the room and lift the atmosphere. Even if this is the only splash of green your kitchen has, it will have a huge impact and make the room feel really fresh and inviting. For those who feel that the green walls may be a little too much, consider painting your kitchen doors or kitchen cabinets.

Re-painting your kitchen doors and cabinets is a great way of refreshing the area and adding something new. These areas of the room are ideal for bold colours, as they don’t take up too much of the décor, but still have enough impact to lift the atmosphere and add character to the room.

Appliances and Accessories

You often find, especially in kitchen design, that coloured appliances work really well at adding character and style to the room. Whether you choose to invest in a light green Aga, a stylish green KitchenAid or you decide to introduce a green toaster with matching kettle, you can really make your décor pop whilst still keeping the style on trend and neat.
Coloured appliances and accessories are a slightly subtler way of incorporating colour into your interiors, as many find this a difficult process and fear it may look over the top or messy. If you opt for more than one coloured appliance, try to stick to the same colour and style to ensure your interiors flow and work well together.

Flowers, Houseplants, Herbs

To create a welcoming, fresh atmosphere within your home, houseplants and flowers are the perfect addition to achieve this. By adding houseplants to your home, you are introducing a handful of benefits that many people aren’t aware houseplants have. Not only are they ideal for adding a fresh feel to the room, they also help with your health and keeping you in a positive, happy mood. Another great way to introduce green to your kitchen is through herbs.

Many homeowners grow their own herbs in the kitchen, with a stylish set up close to the window, having a selection of hand grown herbs is a great way of saving some money whilst also creating a homely, fresh feel in your kitchen. Finally, adding some beautiful flowers in a stylish vase is ideal for introducing a fresh burst, as well as adding a lovely scent to the room.

Artwork and Paintings

Everybody has their own individual style and taste when it comes to décor and interior design. A great way to incorporate your own style and interests into the décor is through art. Art is perfect for expressing your emotions and interests whilst keeping the room stylish and trendy. You can introduce green into your interiors through artwork, too. Selecting a stylish piece of art including the colour green is great for discreetly introducing a pop of colour without making drastic changes to your overall décor.