Is Compound Bowhunting a Healthy Alternative to Common Exercise?

Good health is so much more than just getting to the gym and checking a workout off of the to-do list. Health is multifaceted and approaching it as such is helps us to maintain a sustainable balance in life. Rigid gym routines can get boring quickly. Other routines, such as running, can take toll on our bodies over time. So it’s important to engage in activities that are both conducive to promoting a healthy balance and also sustainable.

Compound bowhunting is a great activity to consider. Here we won’t focus so much on the act of hunting itself, but rather the training and skill it requires. We’ll consider the connection to both physical and mental health.

The physical connection

Compound bowhunting is low-impact while also physically engaging. To do it effectively, you need to engage your whole body so it truly is a full-body workout. You build your foundation from the ground up. A strong stance helps to engage your core, which in turn supports a strong upper back and arm muscles. By doing this repeatedly you start to grow and tone both major and minor muscles.

Imagine for a moment that you are shooting targets at an archery range. You constantly need to control your physical body so that your attention is focused only on the target. From the ground up, your body is controlled. You draw and release. Now imagine repeating this action 200 times. Certainly not an easy physical task.

The mental connection

Continue to imagine you’re at the range. After 150 shots, your heart rate is elevated. Not only is your body starting to fatigue but so is your mind. 50 more more shots to go though. In order to maintain focus you draw your attention to breath and use it as a tool to calm your mind and focus on the task at hand. It becomes your meditation.

Once you start to learn how to use your breath as a tool to increase focus and attention at the range, you can begin applying those same principles to so many other areas of your life. Practicing with a compound bow can serve a testing ground for growth, for how to remain calm and focused while under stress. It’s a lifelong activity, too, that your body will thank you for when it’s reached old age.