The Best Snacks for a Weekend Online Casino Party at Home

If you are ever planning to host an online casino party at home, you will need a ready supply of tasty snacks and some cool drinks, and while the excitement mounts, your guests will be refreshed and ready to carry on playing. Here are a few ideas for tasty snacks that will really hit the spot.

Toast Fingers and Egg mayonnaise

Brown bread that is toasted to perfection provides a crunchy base, and with egg mayonnaise as a topping, your guests will be able to nibble in comfort as they play. You might want to add black pepper to the egg mayonnaise for a spicy tinge. Cut the toast into manageable fingers, and when your friends are looking for online gaming tips and advice, make sure to visit Casinohawks, the ultimate online casino review site with all the latest news.

Double Coconut Popcorn

This is a really tasty snack and your guests will certainly comment on the unusual taste. First heat one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in a pan and once it heats up, pop a few popcorn kernels into the hot oil and once they have cracked, you can add a cup of popcorn. As soon as all the kernels have popped, remove the pan from the heat and add another tablespoon of the coconut oil and two tablespoons of agave syrup. As a final touch, you could add toasted coconut flakes, and this snack is ideal with any alcoholic beverage.

Cheeseboard Selection

If you really want to impress your guests, cheese and wine are the perfect combination, and with so many cheeses to choose from, you are spoiled for choice. Crackers come in a range of textures and tastes, and with a little supermarket searching, you will find the ideal solution. Make sure you have some butter on hand, and there are many types of sauce that can add some spice.

Spicy Salad

There are many vegetables that can be added to make a delicious salad, and with a little care, you can create something special. Nuts and raisins are an excellent addition, and perhaps throw some tuna in for good measure. This is best kept in the fridge until it is time to serve, and with all the other tasty treats you have lined up, the casino party will be one your guest remember for a long time. Diced chili peppers will add the spice, but don’t add too much, as it might be too hot to handle.

Fruity and Strong

Take one watermelon, and rather than cutting it, obtain a hypodermic syringe and carefully inject a half bottle of vodka into the fruit. Vary the location of the needle to ensure the vodka is evenly distributed and leave it in the fridge for a few hours, then slice as normal and you have a watermelon dish with a difference.

If you and your friends are playing online casinos, the excitement is likely to grow, and with the right snacks, the evening will surely be a success.