The Best Type Wood Flooring For Your House

There are not many home improvement projects that improve the look of your home and increase the value of the house is like adding wood floors. Wood enhances the appearance of any room. Besides quality wooden floor and well maintained will provide benefits for generations to come. In fact, the cost of wood flooring can be amortized over tens years.

The wood floors are easy to maintain, and besides, she does not easily show dirt or stains. Another benefit is its use is very beneficial for people who are allergic to the carpet. If you have children or pets, hardwood floors may be a better option than carpet.

Selection of the type of wood flooring are almost limitless. But basically, there are three types of wood flooring. To determine the best type for your home, you must be smart in choosing. It’s more better if you order can order  free flooring samples, so that you are not wrong in choosing wood flooring for your home.


Solid wood floor

Made from pieces of wood with a thickness between 1/4 “and 1”, solid wood flooring wood flooring types most powerful and durable. Wooden boards were prepared using a tongue and groove system that had been prepared beforehand, and then nailed to a 3/4 “multiplex below it. Because you can not nailing it into concrete, solid wood flooring can not be mounted directly on a concrete floor without installing first multiplex underneath. This is which makes the price so expensive and also makes the floor higher.If you have a concrete floor, you better use engineered wood flooring Although engineered hardwood flooring pros and cons are also there.

As a natural product, solid wood expands and shrinks along with the temperature and humidity levels in the place where he is installed. So the type of solid wood floor is not a good choice in areas with humidity or temperature changes are dramatic.

Solid wood flooring is available in various lengths, widths, colors, and finishes. If you wish to install solid wood floors, I suggest choose floors not yet finished and once completed you can memfinishingnya fitted according to your tastes. For most other circumstances, pre-finished solid flooring is a better choice.

One of the advantages of solid wood flooring is that if it gets scratched, stained, or worn, can be sanded and re-finished. Depending on the floor, you might be able to refinish it more than once. For families with a large dog and many impassable, solid wood flooring most appropriate investment.


Engineered wood flooring

To make engineered wood flooring, multiple plys or layers of wood glued together. There is a basic, core, and veneer or wear layer, which can not be less than 3/16 inch.

Veneer thicker than 1/8 “usually sawed and looks more like a solid wood than thin veneers of wood are peeled off. With the veneer of 5/16 inch or larger usually be sanded and finished to all.

Grain of wood used in the core arranged perpendicular to one another, so that the engineered wood flooring is more stable than a solid floor. It will not warp, and therefore can be glued, clamped, or drift, can be mounted almost anywhere.

Engineered wood flooring is usually constituted by several layers of urethane. And there are plenty of finishing options available. When properly installed, engineered flooring that is almost impossible to distinguish from solid wood flooring.

Acrylic impregnated wood floor

Also known as Pergo flooring, wood flooring acrylic even more durable than solid wood flooring. In fact, because of acrylic resin baked into the material making it 300% harder. Wood flooring of this type are also fast colored.

Waterproof ability makes it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other arrangements with a lot of moisture. And because almost does not show scratches, it is also ideal for areas that are often impassable.

Type of wood flooring is less graceful than the original wood floors. But this type is much cheaper, durable alternatives that may be better than the carpet.