Things To Do Before Travelling Abroad

If you’re going abroad for the first time, or looking for a refresher list, then here are some of the tips and things to do that you should follow before the trip:

Health and Security

  • Sign up with your insurance carrier as well as physician- Double check and ensure that you have the right vaccinations and renewed prescriptions. Also ensure that your medical insurance covers overseas. If you wish to add additional coverage, then go for it.
  • Have passport copies with you- You have the risk of getting your passport lost or stolen, thus an extra copy would definitely prove your citizenship.
  • Register with the embassy- If any problem occurs in the abroad nation, it will make it simpler for your government to contact you and get you back safe.

Some local research

  • Buy tickets you wish to visit from before- Purchasing tickets in advance will help you skip the long queues and get better deals for yourself.
  • Purchase guidebooks or Google Map is the choice- Getting guidebook helps you get familiar with the map, local words and locations of the site. It provides you with enough details that you can easily check out the complete location you’ve visited. You can also download apps before leaving. Google Map is of great help when you’re travelling.
  • Search for the events which will take place when you’re there- Check out the event list so that you do not miss the best events of the city. Fun events like ceremonies, fests, carnivals are a must see.


  • Carry a charger with you- Countries have different voltage and plug size. So, if you have to charge your device or iPod, make sure you carry the charger with it.
  • Activate the global abilities of your phone- The mobile company usually charges some money for it, but it is lower than the roaming charges
  • Download travel apps- The travel apps can make your holiday more fun and adventurous. You can check out the things to do and places to visit on the app and see the more famous things of the city.


  • Check out the monetary conversion before leaving- Find out how much your currency stands in front of the nation you’re visiting. Make sure you calculate before so that you have knowledge of conversion rates.
  • Ensure that your credit card works in the nation you’re going- one thing you need to make sure that the nation accepts the credit card which you’re carrying with you. Try to carry a global card so that it is feasible for you to shop around easily.
  • Always carry local money- Not all places accept cards, especial buses and trains. Thus, it is advisable to carry local cash.
  • Speak to your credit card company or bank- Often banks think that fraud is happening when an out of nation transaction occur and may turn your card off. Thus, it is suggested that you inform them from beforehand.
  • Check out the entrance and exit fee of the nation- Often travelers’ needs to pay the entrance and exit fee of a country. This isn’t included in the airline ticket price.
  • Make sure you do not spend more money than you have. Overspending on credit card could cause credit card debt. Although you can consolidate credit cards for making things easier for yourself but it is always suggested to keep an eye on your spending so as to keep yourself away from the trouble of debt.