Tips to clean a kitchen after hosting a house party

Hangover and a dirty room are the two obvious consequences of a house party. While we can resort to a lengthy discourse on ways to avoid a hangover some other day- let’s discuss the simpler task here- ways to clean your place after hosting a house party. You might as well be too tempted to toss your shoes and slip under your blanket – leaving all the cleaning for the next day but let us tell you that a more sagacious step to take in this regard would be to deal with everything right after all your guests have left. Your beautiful house near TASIS England might as well be reeking with the smell of the leftover food and you would definitely want to get rid of it as soon as possible no matter how tired you are.


Just think about everything you do right after a party – may be take the dishes and dump them in the kitchen sink, quickly pick up papers and relegate them to recycling bins and store the leftover food in the fridge. Basically – you do everything to ensure that your living room is clean. However, what about your kitchen? Don’t you think that it deserves as quick a clean-up as your living room does? Here are a few tips to help you with the same.

Cleaning up a kitchen after a house party

Consider sharing the task with your partner or a friend who is staying over at your place after the party. Even if the other person is not participating in the chores directly ask him or her to talk to you- may be debriefing how the party went or just indulge in some friendly banter with you – so that you may find yourself getting over with your work in a jiffy.

Make sure the spills (if any) on your countertop are not left to settle down on them. Though granite is known to endure these stains but most of its other counterparts are not equally efficient to do the same. That’s why it is necessary to clean your kitchen as soon as a party gets over – instead of leaving it for the next day.

If a stain has already settled on your countertop make sure you are using a stain cleaner. If you are not sure which one to use then make sure you are reaching out to the countertop installer for help. Ask them what the correct way of cleaning up the stone you have at your place is. Granite, for instance, can be cleaned up easily with a piece of soft cloth and granite cleaner.

Empty the alcohol bottles. Store the unused wine or beer at a suitable place.

Don’t leave it for the next day

Now, the problem is (as is already mentioned above) very few of us think about cleaning up the kitchen as soon as the last guest leaves our place. We generally leave it for the next day. However, in that case we also end up inviting possibilities of our kitchen countertops being spoiled by spills.