Top 5 tips to supermarket shopping

If you’re looking to be a savvy shopper and save some money at the supermarket, here are some tips on how to shop smart:

Never shop hungry

This is a great tip for all of us that find ourselves picking up three different meals for dinner and salivating at the sight of the desserts. Shopping for food while you’re hungry is one way to ensure that you overspend and buy more food than you need, as well as buy the wrong type of food if you’re trying to be healthy. So, stop stopping off at the supermarket after work and instead do a weekly shop after a decent lunch to ensure you get what you need without getting distracted.

Don’t always look at the ‘on sale’ signs

These promotional deals, while seeming to be great value at first, won’t always give you the best for your money. Sometimes, before an item goes on sale, supermarkets will bulk up the original price to make the promotional offer look more enticing. Rather than looking at the big promotional labels, look at the smaller labels that tell you how much an item costs per unit. With a bit of simple maths you’ll be able to tell whether or not a deal is actually a deal and get the most for your money. This is also a good way to find out if buying in bulk might be cheaper in the long term.

Don’t be tempted to shop online

We all have different spending habits and some of us might tend to spend more money when we shop online. The problem with online shopping is that you can’t inspect the products you’re buying, you can’t browse and get inspired, and you can’t tell how much you’re buying. When you visit a supermarket in person you can easily look in your cart and see how much you’ve got as well as take your time with decisions. Instead of doing your shopping online, save your money by buying a fuel-efficient car. Glyn Hopkin are an excellent dealership to use and sell brands like Honda and Infiniti which will get you the most per gallon and are roomy enough to fit your weekly shop.

Always check the fridge first

A lot of us make the mistake of shopping before we know how much we have at home. That’s how we end up with five packets of something that no one wanted to eat in the first place. So, before you leave for the supermarket, check the food that you have, make a shopping list and stick to it. One thing that some particularly organised shoppers do is take a picture of the contents of their fridge on their phone. That way, if you suddenly get inspired to cook something new, you can check your phone to see if you’ve got the ingredients at home.

Don’t always believe the sell-by date

There are a lot of foods that live longer than the date that’s written on the label. While it’s pretty obvious to tell when most types of fresh food have expired, a lot of sealed food can be used long after you’ve bought them. So, don’t be scared to check the reduced price section for foods near their sell-by date. Poultry and seafood can be frozen within a day of buying and used weeks later with no risks at all.