Unique Dining Experiences in Hollywood

Hollywood is known as the place movies come from, but to many, it is also a place to find the best dining spots on the West Coast. It’s no wonder that the places where celebrities dine are probably places you would enjoy eating as well. Whether you are craving something simple or fancy, local or international, Hollywood can always offer you something to suit your palate.

Specialty Restaurants

Sometimes you don’t know what you want to eat, and the thrill of letting your eyes wander through a diverse menu can be part of the fun of eating out. But when your taste buds are craving something savory and delicious, it’s great to know your options.

If you’re looking for a good slice of pizza, nothing beats Joe’s Pizza, a NY-style establishment that sells pizza by the slice and is open past two in the morning every day of the week.

Or if you’re in the mood for a pub-style burger, Stout offers gourmet burgers and a hand-picked craft beer pairing for every burger on the menu. Not to mention they offer their burgers at half-off during happy hour.

Traditional Restaurants

If a more traditional sit-down is what you are looking for, Hollywood has plenty to choose from. Musso and Frank Grill is so good it has become a Hollywood landmark, and its cocktails are famously good. If you feel like something with a more Mediterranean flavor, Fig and Olive Melrose Place offers traditional ethnic dishes prepared with flavored olive oils.

If you’re a huge fan of breakfast, Sqirl is a popular spot that nearly always has a line, but the wait is well worth it to taste the restaurant’s famous seasonal specials. Cleo at the Redbury offers delicious Mezze plates in an upscale environment and boasts a renowned grilled octopus.

Birch is a more adventurous, chef-driven establishment that offers a range of unique flavor combinations beyond what you ever could have imagined. The restaurant is worth trying for the cocktail menu alone, which boasts flavors drawn from all over the world.

Casual Restaurants

Sometimes you want something quick and easy, and even though Hollywood is all about the glitz and the glamor, you never have to go far to find something that fits the bill. Grub may not sound like the most delicious place to eat, but customers swear by its Crack Bacon and croissant French Toast. An unassuming Korean joint in a strip mall, Baroo, offers some of the freshest and most surprising flavors in town. For Pastrami lovers, Greenblatt’s Deli offers sandwiches which can’t be beaten. Stella Barra offers Neapolitan pies and is conveniently located next to the Cinerama Dome, making it a perfect pre-movie diner.

So, whatever you’re in the mood for, Hollywood has something great to offer for dining out. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled. After all, you are in celebrity central and it’s very possible you could run into your favorite movie star or singer while you’re out!