Want To Bake Your Own Bread? 5 Golden Ruless To Follow

Happiness is homemade and so is a freshly baked load of bread – its aroma, taste and freshness is definitely way better than the store bought ones. Make bread at home and be satisfied with the wondrous results. Its really not too hard.

Here are a set of guidelines that you should follow to bake delicious loaves and things you need to know when working from home.

  1. Go Cheap On The White Flour And Expensive On The Rest

You don’t have to necessarily buy a posh deli. Most of the white flour is roller milled and excellent as it is, so it doesn’t matter what brand you buy. So, if you are using all-purpose flour to bake your bread, spend more on other ingredients and settle for the normal flour.

Whole wheat flours vary in quality, so choose wisely and check if they are roller milled and retain their flavours. If you are all for organic ingredients, select accordingly. But the white flour has not much of a variance.

  1. Opt For Bread Machine

Want to let someone else take care of the baking while you take a nap? Hello bread machine! You can bake gluten free breads as well. However when you are using bread machine, ensure to use the manufacturer’s recipes. Your traditional recipes might not work well with the machine in the beginning, so always stick to the recipes provide along with them.

  1. Making Bread By Hand – Follow These Rules For Good Results

Making bread by hand has its own therapeutic effects – the kneading, rising, baking just makes you powerful and in charge.

  • Mix the dough well and leave it for 10 minutes before kneading.
  • When kneading, it is always better to have a wet dough, than a dry dough. Or else you will end up with a tough or dry bead
  • After kneading, rest the dough till it has increased by a half
  • Then shape them and bake the loaf once it has increased by a half to 2/3rds

Follow the above visual readings and don’t give much importance to the time given in the recipes.

  1. Environmental Settings

If it is too cold, the dough will not rise. Make sure to leave your dough in a warm place. Keep the dough on the stovetop, if too cold. The humidity and environmental temperature can affect the way the bread comes out.

If it is too dry, you can also put a pan of boiling water in the bottom of the oven and put your dough in the oven for it to rise. Turn on the oven light to increase heat if needed.

  1. Bake It Until It Is Done

When is the bread really done? Slide it out of the pan, and if you see a nice golden brown crust at the bottom, it is a good sign you are done. Also tap on it lightly, to see if it gives off a hollow thump. Viola, you are good to go.

Last but not the least, make sure to cool the loaf completely. Take if off the pan and put on a wire rack to cool down. If you leave it unattended in the pan, it will get soggy. Once it cools completely, you are ready to cut it.

The above tips will help you bake your own homemade bread at home. So, take charge and taste the success of making your own bread.