What it Really Means to Dine Like a King

Social media makes for one of those platforms from which you can get some real value out of or it can be a real cause for concern as to just how ignorant people can be. This was the case with me when I recently logged on to find a long string of comments on what was essentially a picture of one of my traveller mates, in which he was enjoying some island food.

Sure, the food looked really, really good, but one of the comments which particularly irked me was one where someone referred to it as “dining like a king!” I mean really? Enjoying a nice fried rice dish with some fresh fish curry and a fresh island salad is hardly “dining like a king,” although I guess that phrase in its reference to a dining experience is subjective…Still – that is not dining like a king…

And I would know too, being a chef by profession, which is why I feel as if I perhaps need to set the record straight as to what dining like royalty is like.

Firstly, from the point of view of the chef who is naturally the one slaving away behind the scenes, I’d say that a king or any person who is of royal blood is the fussiest diner you can ever come across. Believe me, I would know, although I won’t go into any detail as to which royal family I’ve had the pleasure and burden of having to prepare several dishes for. It’s not so much that they want the food to be prepared by the universally accepted standards synonymous with something like restaurant-grade gourmet food, but rather about how the food is prepared to their specific liking.

I mean I’m sure you can just imagine how hard it is to cater to the tastes of different children residing in the same household. Just imagine having to cater to the tastes of the different members of a royal family, who have become accustomed to their food being prepared to each of their individual tastes. The quality of the ingredients used is another story altogether, but fortunately that is often well catered to in the sense that you’re given a budget to work with in sourcing the finest ingredients if you’re ever called upon to cook for royalty.

So there is just no way picking out a dish at a restaurant can be referred to as dining like a king. Kings essentially design their own dishes.

Secondly, from the point of view of the diner consuming the food, I’d say dining like a king takes more of the form of enjoying the food you’d be able to afford if you were a Multilotto.co.uk winner, for example, meaning money was no object and you could afford to pay for whatever it is you wanted to eat, whenever you wanted to eat it!

I mean I’m not a huge fan of caviar myself, but dining like a king would mean that you can have the caviar flown in by helicopter to be prepared by your live-in gourmet chef, as and when the mood for that specific dish takes you. That’s dining like a king!