Why CBD is Effective in Relieving Depression Faster Than Any Other Anti-Depressant?

Image Credit: Pixabay

Most people tend to feel anxious or depressed at certain times in their lives. Whether it be from the death of a loved one, experiencing a divorce, or other traumatic experiences, people can feel lonely, nervous, and sad. These are normal feelings that can arise from life’s troubling situations. These types of feelings, sometimes referred to as “the blues” are all a part of life.

But for some people these experiences are not felt temporarily. Sometimes, for no clear reason, people can experience these feelings nearly every day. This can make it extremely difficult to carry on with functions of their daily lives. Going to work, taking care of the bills, and even normal hygiene like taking a shower become difficult tasks.

A major depressive episode can affect how someone feels, thinks, acts, and functions each day. They may spend a lot of time in bed, have high mood swings, and be irritable. Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the US. Nearly 16 million, or about 6.7% of adults, have had at least one major depression episode in the past year. It is also fairly common for someone with depression to also suffer from anxiety disorder. In fact, this occurs in about half of those who suffer from depression.

Treatment for mental illnesses like depression can be limited. Some people can work through their depression by talking to a therapist over a period of many weeks or months. Pharmacological options can take the same amount of time to take effect, can be very addictive, and come with a long list of dangerous side effects when the drugs are stopped suddenly. These drugs do not work for everyone as about 1 out of 3 people do not find any benefits to taking antidepressant drugs. Fortunately, alternative treatments are starting to become available.

Cannabis is a plant that has been associated with feelings of euphoria, calmness, and relaxation for many decades. However, some people do not want to take a psychoactive drug to be obtain these benefits.

There are numerous cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. There are so many that scientists are not quite sure yet what each of them do. But there are studies available which document one cannabinoid called cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is available as an oil that is placed as drops under the tongue.

There are many reputable sources with strict laboratory testing like Love Hemp that make it simple for those with depression to order and try. The primary benefits from CBD appear to be therapeutic or medicinal. Other compounds, like THC, have different effects like euphoria or hallucinations. CBD alone does not produce these mind-numbing results which is good news for those who only want depression relief.

It appears on of the best things about CBD and depression is that some patients report feeling better not within weeks or months like typically anti-depressant medications, but within hours. A natural plant with nearly no side effects, cannabis based products could be the answer to the depression that is felt by millions of people in the US alone.