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There might be two of us, but there is a whole load of writing that needs doing regularly for Brothers
Kitchen! Me and Kevin spend a lot of time in the kitchen and a lot of time with our families. We love
this blog but we need your help. If you think you’ve got fresh content that can add genuine value to
the site, then we’d love to hear from you!

We want decent recipes, tasty meals and innovative/easy tips to being a superstar in the kitchen.
Maybe you’ve cooked up something tasty out of nothing, or maybe you’ve got a great tip for feeding
a massive family, let us know about it! We’re always welcoming guest posts and featured writers to
help diversify and colour our portfolio.

Please bear in mind that we are semi-professional cooks and we’ll be able to tell if your
recipe/advice is a load of rubbish. Obviously, we can’t validate your cooking experience so please be
honest (or at least try and sound honest).

As for the technicalities of it all, it’s really not that hard. You don’thave to be previously published,
all you need is a passion for cooking and food and the ability to string a coherent sentence together.
Check out online grammar editor Grammarly if you’re not too confident on spelling and the like. It’s
a great free site that lets you check your writing, but watch out for silly mistakes – it is only a
computer program after all!

Make sure it’s around 500 words as well, but with that in mind, we heavily value quality over

So get involved, send a pitch and let’s see if we can’t get you a featured post on our site!

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