Zoning in on the One-Dollar Buffets of Las Vegas Casinos

So yes, we have indeed made the trip across the Atlantic and found ourselves in what remains one of the world’s most iconic entertainment destinations, the great Las Vegas. As far as it goes with the exact details of what we got up to, I’m merely going to maintain the long tradition which is driven by the cliché “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” From the point of view of this blog however, what I will indeed willingly share with you is our experience of the gastronomic kind.

In particular I’m talking about those one-dollar all you can eat buffets which seem to be a permanent fixture of quite a few of the casinos you’ll find on the Las Vegas strip. Some of these casinos only have breakfast buffets of this kind though and they’re about as North American as you can get really.

Big portions are the order of the day at any one of these buffets, which I guess is a rather confusing statement since buffets usually have the kind of open setup which allows you to just scoop up whatever you feel like eating and throw it on your plate. It is indeed like that, however the disposable plastic plates you get to eat on are huge, to start off with.

The disposable plastic cutlery is just as big, so too what are usually the dishing spoons which are parked in the selection of food items available. If you’re not careful and you fill the dishing spoon all the way up with scrambled eggs for example, you won’t have space for anything else, pretty much.

That said the food is surprisingly delicious – this coming from a cook and foodie, which is more than I can say for many similar-type setups where you can otherwise sort of taste that the food was prepared in bulk, to feed a lot of people. For example, if you want your bacon a little crispier than what the average person likes, there is plenty of that. In fact with regards to the bacon itself there were about three of those steel-type square bowls each featuring bacon done to cater to different levels of crispiness.

Of course one doesn’t have to think too hard about just why these Las Vegas casinos have one-dollar in-house buffets. It’s all about the gambling and the casinos make everything else around that main activity of gambling as convenient and comfortable as possible. The aim is for you to spare all your change and spend money on the slots and tables, which is perhaps the reason why the hotel rooms are not all that expensive either, comparatively.

But this is why gamblers who play online at the likes of the Royal Vegas Casino tend to get more joy by way of winnings. With online platforms such as these it’s all about the gaming and gaming only, so the operators don’t have to worry about things like paying the bills and other operational costs, which means bigger jackpots, more winners and more payouts.